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Watersavers Ltd

Established in 1985, Watersavers Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water & energy conservation products.

Designers of the first infrared urinal flushing control, Watersavers Ltd now supply an extensive range of products offering substantial financial and environmental savings for end users.

Many of our products are WRAS approved and feature on the government’s ECA Water Technology List.

With in-house design and manufacturing expertise Watersavers Ltd are able to provide cost effective engineered solutions to a diverse range of applications in water and energy conservation. Autosave urinal controls, PIR controls, solenoid valves and water leak detection systems are used extensively in order to obtain BREEAM credits.

Recent projects have included: customised flood alarm panels, ‘on demand’ de-ionised water system for a major car manufacturer, automatic hand washing stations for the food production industry and a timed ‘water dumping’ project for protection against Legionnaires Disease.

Installations include: Anglia Television, Anglian Windows, BAA Group, Bayer Crop Science, BT, Caterpillar (UK) Ltd, Cleveland Fire Service, Harwich International Port, Makro, Marsh Group plc, Newport Council, North Hampshire Hospitals, Norwich City Football Club, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Rolls Royce, Royal Norfolk Showground, Tesco plc, Universities of Cambridge, East Anglia, Surrey & Warwick, Vauxhall Motors, Waitrose, Zaks Family Diner


All controls are manufactured at our factory in Norwich using UK sourced components wherever possible. Our products are renowned for longevity and we advocate ‘repair rather than replacement’ to conserve raw materials and energy. However when the products do reach the end of their life we request that customers return them to us for safe recycling.


Every business uses water and it is vital to ensure that it’s not being wasted. Water used by businesses is metered, which means that wasted water comes straight off the bottom line! Please check out out the following watersaving tips:

Actions to take

  • Check your meter – make sure the serial number corresponds to the one on your bill – you may be paying for water that you are not using!
  • Compare your water bills over a significant period of time – preferably a few years – this will enable you to see changing trends and detect any abnormalities which might require further investigation
  • Engage management and staff at all levels so that everyone is aware of the environmental and financial importance of saving water
  • Appoint a staff member to be responsible for monitoring water usage around the business and identifying areas requiring action. This should involve regular walk-abouts and the same person should act as a contact to enable staff to report water leaks or any related issues and ideas

Products to save water

  • Water meters can be fitted internally as a convenient addition to those mounted underground. These will enable readings to be easily taken on a regular basis without resorting to ‘pot-holing’. Furthermore equipment is available for remote monitoring and to raise an alarm / shut off supplies should a preset flow limit be exceeded
  • Sub-metering – consider installing additional water meters at large sites with separate buildings and particularly where large amounts of water are used for certain processes. This can also aid leak detection by a process of elimination
  • Urinal flushing controls are now a legal requirement. They prevent wastage from traditional ‘trickle cock’ systems which fill and flush 24/7 whether the urinals are used or not.
  • Hydraulic controls work by filling the cistern when a drop in water pressure is sensed due to hand washing. These controls although widely used are difficult to setup correctly and can be unreliable when the water pressure fluctuates – and depend upon users willingness to actually wash their hands!
  • Waterless urinals can be used to avoid the use of water but they usually require an effective management regime to minimise odour problems
  • Watersavers Autosave urinal flushing controls initiate a flush only after a person or persons are detected in the toilet area. Provision is made for a ‘hygiene’ flush to be carried out every 12 or 24 hours in order to keep the bowls fresh during periods of inactivity
    These controls save massive amounts of water and payback times can be as little as 5 weeks
    Furthermore additional tax benefits may be realised on their purchase and installation through the government’s ECA Scheme
  • You can save water every time you flush your toilet by fitting a cistern dam into all your WC cisterns. They work by reducing the cistern’s volume by around one litre. Over a year this reduction will bring a worthwhile saving. Cistern dams can be purchased from Watersavers and are inexpensive and easy to fit.
    NOTE: Modern cisterns may already be sufficiently small so that fitting a cistern dam would reduce the flushing efficiency of the toilets
  • Taps can be responsible for significant water loss
    Dripping taps  – a new washer costs less than 50p and starts to pay for itself immediately. A 5mm drip from a single tap can cost as much as £900 per year!
    Taps left running – display warning posters, fit automatic/push  taps or alternatively install water shut off valves to isolate supplies to all handbasin taps and WCs when areas are unoccupied. This can also help protect against damage due to vandalism and burst fittings
    Consider fitting spray taps or flow restrictors to reduce the actual flow from the taps

Outdoor savings – xeriscaping

  • Consider using rainwater or greywater for landscape irrigation. Plant trees and shrubs with deep root systems that do not require daily watering. Generally native plants require less water than ornamental varieties. Consider alternative landscaping features such as wood or stone
  • Irrigation systems should be periodically checked for leaks and their spread restricted to the required area. Sprinklers etc should be controlled to function only when necessary
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