A totally flexible control system designed to isolate the water supply to buildings or parts of buildings when unoccupied - in accordance with BREEAM Office 2006 Credit W04. The SOV-100 can monitor and isolate water supplies to several areas due to it's multiple valve and PIR sensor capability. ECA Listed Product for additional tax benefits on the purchase and installation charges.


  • Shuts off water supply when building / toilet shower area is not occupied
  • Can be operated from discrete PIR sensor supplied or by door switch
  • Brass solenoid valve sizes ½" to 2" (15-50mm) - valve closes (fail safe) when power is removed
  • Can be operated from multiple sensors and can drive multiple valves
  • Programmable shut off delay 
  • Test function 
  • LED status indicators 
  • Volt-free relay contact for interface to Building Management System 
  • 240v ac supply 
  • ECA Listed Product 
  • Also suitable for saving compressed air in factories when unoccupied
  • Fitting kit includes PIR sensor, fixing screws and installation instructions



Descriptionwatersavers SOV-100 shut off valve system

The SOV-100 shut off valve is designed to isolate the water supply to particular areas of a building eg toilets, shower blocks and commercial kitchens when unoccupied - ie night times, weekends and holiday periods - thereby preventing water wastage and potential damage due to running taps, showers, burst pipes etc.

An infrared PIR sensor detects occupancy and controls a solenoid valve to shut off the water supply when the area has been unoccupied for a preset time period. A relay contact is provided for interfacing to a Building Management System or integration with other equipment.

ORDERING:  Choose sensor option below and then order one or more solenoid valves from list.

PRODUCT CODES (CONTROL): SOV-100-MC (mini ceiling) or SOV-100-SG (single gang) sensor



Detection: see Remote Sensors for options of our high sensitivity PIR sensors which may be wired in parallel for multiple sensing. Single or multiple door switch combinations may also be used for sensing.

Solenoid Valve: Normally closed (fail safe) brass valve sizes ½" to 2"  (15-50mm) BSP female thread. Minimum pressure 0.15 Bar, maximum pressure sizes ½" - 1" 13 Bar, sizes 1" to 2" 10 Bar Temperature range -10 to 90°C. Outputs to drive 1 or 2 valves, maximum total load 100VA

Programming: Shut off delay 10 minutes to 2½ hours plus 'TEST' button which provides 10 second shut off delay for 2 minutes to aid installation 

Relay Contact: Volt-free changeover rated at 250v ac 2 amp max (resistive)

Status: Relay is energised (contacts changeover) when solenoid valve is open

Power supply: 240v ac 50Hz 3VA max excluding solenoid valves

Enclosure: IP 66 rating size 130 x 130 x 75mm polystyrene with polycarbonate lid, fixing centres 4 x 115mm, cable glands 5 x M12 for cable diameters 2 - 6.5mm 

Breeam Credits Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approved Product Technology Listed Product Restriction of Hazardous Substances