Water Leak Detection System

The WLDS panel monitors the flow of water into a building and sounds an alarm and optionally shuts off the supply should the flow rate exceed preset parameters. It activates when the flow exceeds the pre-set minimum for the pre-set period of time and can identify different flow and therefore leakage rates, in accordance with BREEAM Wat 3. These parameters can be adjusted by the user to allow for different conditions.

 For smaller premises and domestic installations please see our WLDS-50 system

 IMPORTANT: in order that meaningful parameters are entered, we strongly recommend that a full water audit be carried out in order to establish water consumption trends over a period of time.

WLDS pdf


  • Multi-parameters for efficient monitoring 
  • Highly versatile user friendly interface
  • Universal 100-240v 50/60Hz input for Worldwide use
  • Output for audible/visual alarm
  • Shut off valve and BMS options
  • Accepts inputs from 1, 10 or 100 LPP reed switch type pulse meters 
  • Time setting from 1 minute to 45 hours 59 minutes 
  • Tough steel wall mounting enclosure to IP65 protection 
  • Displays total throughput in litres - useful for parameter setting and Water Audits
  • Other features and options available upon request                                                

WLDS-10 & WLDS-20

Designed to detect major leaks and help prevent flood damage caused by leaking pipes and fittings or by vandalism. 
The WLDS-10 panel is connected to a pulse water meter installed at the main intake point of the building and hence monitors the consumption of water. An audible/visual alarm output is activated when a continuous flow of water passes through the water meter at a flow rate above a preset amount for a preset period of time. 
A normally open free contact is provided for connection to a BMS (Building Management System) or to activate a local sounder/beacon type alarm.
A normally closed free contact is also provided to shut off the water supply via a solenoid shut off valve if required.

The WDLS-20 has a second pulse water meter installed at the site boundary and in addition can detect a loss of water between the site boundary and the main intake point.

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FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: please contact our sales department


Power requirements: Universal input 100-260v AC 50/60Hz 1.5A max
Pulse Meter Input: 24v DC 5mA maximum for reed switch type pulse meter, programmable for 1, 10 or 100 litres per pulse
PSU Output: 24v DC @ 1.1A for powering alarm or solenoid valves
Alarm Output: Normally open free relay contact rated at 5A resistive load 250v AC / 30v DC
Valve Output: Normally closed free relay contact rated at 5A resistive load 250v AC / 30v DC 
LCD display: 2x 16 ASCII character with LED backlight 
Keypad: with tactile feedback 0-9 numeric keys plus navigation keys for parameter setting and monitoring
Parameters: Litres input range 1 - 32,767, time input range 10 seconds - 45 hours, time to alarm range 1 minute - 45 hours
Real Time clock: battery backed (10 year life).
Connections: via DIN rail terminals, maximum conductor size 4mm², cable entry via stuffing glands in gland plate
Enclosure: IP65, steel wall mounting overall dimensions 300 x 200 x 150mm (W x H x D) RAL7035 powder coated
Overall weight: 4.25Kg


Breeam Credits Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approved Product Technology Listed Product Restriction of Hazardous Substances