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LP-10 Legionella Protect

LP-10 Legionella Protect

To protect against Legionella, this control dumps water above a preset temperature allowing fresh cool water to lower the temperature to a safe level.

When the temperature of the pipework drops to a preset temperature (typically 2⁰C lower) the valve closes again. This prevents water stagnation and the potential buildup of Legionella bacteria.
Each LP-10 Legionella Protect control is supplied ready wired with 1.8m lengths of cable for 230v AC power, solenoid valve, and temperature sensor. It is thus ‘Plug & Play’ and ready to use. A Calibration Certificate is also supplied for the individual sensor and controller.

The control parameters are user adjustable and may be preset to suit specific locations and applications.
An alarm output is provided to interface with BMS or other equipment for monitoring purposes.

If you have a specific requirement for the prevention of Legionella, we are able to provide solutions such as timed flushing of pipework using our TDV-100 Timed Discharge Valve or dumping of tank water stored above critical temperatures. Please contact our technical department on 01603 720999 who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

PRODUCT CODE: LP-10 Legionella Protect


Power supply – 100/240v AC

Temperature Sensor – PT100, silicone patch type with individual Calibration Certificate

Controller – with 0.4″ orange led digital display of preset temperature (SV), and 0.5″ green led display of measured temperature (PV)
Preset temperature and differential can be user adjusted. Resolution 0.1ºC

Alarm output – Normally Open rated at 5A 250v AC. Contact closes should measured temperature exceed preset temperature by 1°C

Solenoid Valve – Brass ½” BSP, Normally Closed, 230v AC, 0.35 to 10 BAR, WRAS approved
Please contact sales for alternative valve sizes

Indicator – Blue ‘Cooling’ LED lights to show when solenoid valve is open

Cables: Sensor, Power and valve cables are supplied to a nominal 1.8m length
The power and solenoid valve cables may be easily extended or shortened

Enclosure – ABS size 180 x 130 x 125mm W x H x D. Can be wall mounted on 163 x 113mm centres.

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