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Ceiling Mounted PIR switch

ceiling mounted PIR switch

Watersavers can supply a range of simple PIR switches to turn on water, lighting, heating, ventilation or air-conditioning loads when an area is occupied and switches off supplies when the area is vacated.

This ceiling mounted PIR switch can be used for controlling solenoid shut off valves for BREEAM credits.

These PIR switches can control multiple solenoid shut off valves wired in parallel.
Several PIR switches may be wired in parallel to cover larger areas if required.

Product code: PIR-CM – ceiling mounted PIR switch

  • Single gang size PIR switch (fits 16mm pattress)
  • 360° detection zone
  • Loading: 6A maximum (any load)
  • Time delay 10 seconds – 40 minutes
  • Photocell range: 100 – 1000 lux and inactive
  • Ideal for surface mounting on solid ceilings
  • Dimensions: 88 x 88mm


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