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Solenoid Shut off Valves

A range of WRAS approved solenoid shut off valves for isolating cold and or hot water supplies in buildings in accordance with BREEAM guidelines.

These WRAS approved Normally Closed brass solenoid shut off valves are typically controlled using PIR Occupancy Switches to shut off the water supply or supplies when the building or part of the building eg toilet area is unoccupied thus preventing potential loss of water and or water damage due to burst or leaking fittings, vandalism etc. Other uses include restricting the amount of water used in a building or controlling the volume of water used by operatives, machines or processes such as cleaning, rinsing irrigation.These sanitary shut off valves are available in sizes from 1/2″ to 2″ BSP.

Other applications call for control by a manual STOP switch or by automatic control using a 24 hour or 7 day time switch. For example many premises such as dentist’s surgeries have a solenoid shut off valve fitted to the main water inlet and controlled by a time switch so that the water supply is switched off during the night and at times when the surgery is closed. Hence a water leak which could potentially cause catastrophic damage can be avoided.
Other applications include manual or automatic control of water to holiday lets and homes – giving peace of mind.

1)  Select the size according to the existing pipe or line size – usually 1/2″ through 2″ BSP. The valves have BSP female threads so you may need
‘male irons’ to convert to copper compression.
2)  The majority of the valves that we sell are Normally Closed or powered to open which means that they will ‘fail safe’ in the event of a power loss.
Certain applications may require that water can still be drawn in the event of power failure. Consider this carefully before choosing.
3)  Specify the correct coil voltage whether it be 230v AC, 110v AC, 24v AC or DC, 12v DC or other. This is important!
4)  Our SVM range of solenoid shut off valves are ‘pilot operated’ utilising the mains water pressure in order to open and close. They require typically a minimum differential pressure of 0.35 BAR (about 12 feet) in order to operate. If you have a tank fed application please contact sales for details of a suitable valve to operate down to 0 BAR.

For other variations of solenoid water shut off valves, eg Normally Open, alternative coil voltages, body materials and operating functions – please call our sales department on 01603 720999


230/240v AC Solenoid Shut off Valves - from ½" to 2" BSP

230/240v AC Solenoid Shut off Valves - from ½" to 2" BSP

SVM range of WRAS approved, Normally Closed (power to open), pilot operated, brass solenoid shut off valves (230/240v AC). They may be controlled by an on/off switch, a time switch or by a PIR switch for BREEAM credits.
24v DC Solenoid Shut off Valves - from ½" to 2" BSP

24v DC Solenoid Shut off Valves - from ½" to 2" BSP

A range of brass, Normally Closed, pilot operated, 24v DC solenoid shut off valves for use with 24v controls. These 24v DC solenoid shut off valves enable a water supply to be turned on or off in response to an electrical signal.
DIN solenoid valve connectors - rectangular & square

DIN solenoid valve connectors - rectangular & square

Plastic DIN solenoid valve connectors. Rectangular type are suitable for our 1/2", 3/4" and 1" WRAS approved solenoid valves, the square DIN connectors are suitable for 1.25" sizes and larger.
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