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Autosave B01 urinal flushing control

Autosave B01 urinal flushing control

Autosave B01 Urinal Flushing Control with Built-in PIR Sensor – for exposed cisterns above urinal bowls. 6v DC battery operated, it is ideal for installations where a 230v AC supply is not readily available.

One of our most popular battery powered urinal flush control with a reputation for reliability and outstanding service. Featuring a 3 year average battery life (batteries provided) and payback period of well within 1 year.

What does it do? The Autosave B01 urinal flushing control saves water by flushing urinals only after use. A sensitive built-in Infrared PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects persons in the toilet area and initiates a cistern fill and flush cycle a preset time later. A user selectable 12 or 24 hour hygiene flush is initiated if the toilets are unused eg at night times or weekends. This automatic flushing control is easily fitted and commissioned by a suitably qualified person.

PRODUCT CODE: Autosave-B01 & Autosave-B01-LP (optional low pressure valve)


Detection: By built-in passive infrared sensor, range approx. 4m, coverage 100° from perp.

Solenoid valve: brass latching, 15 mm compression fittings, 2mm orifice, pressure range 0 – 12 Bar with mesh filter (optional low pressure for tank fed installations)

Alternative valve specifications: contact sales department

Batteries: 4x Duracell AA cells (supplied – average life 3 years). No need to reset when changing batteries

Low Battery Warning: Led flashes to indicate low battery status. Valve closes (fail safe) 2 weeks following warning

Cistern fill time: 1 to 34 minutes – set by simple pushbutton routine

Flush Program options: flush delay (time from detection to actual flush) 5 – 35 mins in 5 min increments, hygiene flush 12 or 24 Hour

Test function: By Magi-test wand, provides instant full functional test including valve, infrared PIR sensor operation, battery status, water supply and cistern fill time

Enclosure: Size 135 x 75 x 75mm (exc. valve) in white RAL 9010 PVC

Approvals: All Autosave products are WRAS approved and are featured on the Government’s ECA Water Technology List


Autosave B01 urinal flushing control - Product Sheet
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