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WT-100 Water Timer

WT-100 water timer

Th WT-100 water timer is designed to open a valve for a preset time using a push button control. This can then be used to dose a preset volume of water or limit the time that water can be drawn. Applications include tank filling, controlling use of cleaning hoses and irrigation.
The WT-100 industrial grade control features a user adjustable electronic timer which can be set from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours in 7 ranges. The WT-100 is supplied ready wired and is simple to install. Vast amounts of water may be saved by fitting this control in commercial and industrial situations.

CASE STUDY: A CNC Engineering company dilutes expensive cutting fluid for use with the lathes. Initially operatives left a tap running to fill tanks frequently resulting in taps being left running. Consequently water and expensive cutting fluid overflowed onto the floor resulting in wasted time spent cleaning up.
SOLUTION: A WT-100 water timer and 1/2″ valve was fitted, the time being set sufficiently long to fill a tank from empty. Ultimately the bills for both water and cutting fluid were substantially reduced and spillages became a thing of the past.

If you have a specific requirement for controlling water, we are able to provide solutions.
Please contact our technical department on 01603 720999 who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Specification for WT-100 Water Timer

Timing range: User adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours in 7 ranges

Initiation of Cycle: Integral green push button. Push to start timing cycle, remove power to cancel/reset

Solenoid valve: Brass Normally Closed (fail safe), 1/2″ BSP female threads, 13.5mm orifice, pressure range 0.35 – 10 Bar, WRAS approved
Please contact sales for alternative valve sizes

Power supply: The WT-100 can be operated from 12 – 240VAC/DC (50/60HZ). Please note that the solenoid valve coil MUST match the supply voltage and vice versa

Cables: Power and valve cables are supplied to a nominal 1.8m length. Other lengths to order

Enclosure: size 148 x 88 x 41mm, (excluding glands) in white PVC


Product sheet for WT-100 Water Timer
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