Pulsed Water Meters – Flanged

Flanged PWM

Flanged Pulsed Water Meters

Watersavers offers a range of multi-jet-based water meters used for monitoring and measuring water usage. For larger diameter applications (2″ and above) we stock flanged (Woltmann) configuration options. These meters are available in sizes from 2″ BSP to 4″ BSP (50mm to 100mm) for smaller sizes take a look at our screwed connection pulsed water meters. All of our pulsed water meters feature clear, easily read displays, free from condensation. Larger sizes are available on request.

Choosing Pulsed Water Meters

For general cold-water (30°C) applications, the size of water meter is usually determined by the gauge of pipe into which the meter will be fixed.

Please note that larger water meters have a large flowrate factor (in m³/h) and are less sensitive to low flow rates. If in doubt see the datasheet which provides technical information including flowrates, physical sizes and weights or call a Watersavers’ expert on 01603 720999 or email sales@watersavers.co.uk we’d be delighted to help.

WMP pulse water meters are fitted with a reed switch contact to provide one contact closure per fixed volume of water flowing through, whilst allowing the dial to be read. The contact output may be connected to a remote digital meter, leak detection panel or other electrical or electronic system.

For smaller diameter connections see our screwed connection pulse water meters.

Water Meter Monitoring Systems

Watersavers provides bespoke control panels for leak detection, flood prevention, alarm and other applications. Please call an expert on 01603 720999 or email sales@watersavers.co.uk

Pulsed Water Meters

Water meters are available with a pulsed output which can be used for remote monitoring making them suitable for installations applying for BREEAM Wat 02 and Wat 03.

Watersavers supplies a standard range of pulse water meters in sizes from 1/2” up to 4” BSP. These meters are WRAS approved and have a pulse output enabling water flow to be monitored, logged or controlled – especially for BREEAM credits.

These meters give a pulse output (usually from a magnetic reed switch) for a fixed volume of water flowing through them.  The K factor is the number of litres per pulse output. On larger meters from 2” to 4” BSP, the factor is usually 100 litres per pulse. On smaller screwed meters it is typically 1 or 10 litres per pulse.

Our WLDS-10mk3 and WLDS-20 mk3 leak detection panels monitor pulses from pulse water meters and raise an alarm in the event of the water flow rate exceeding preset parameters.

Flanged Pulsed Water Meter Product Codes


Flanged Water Meter Product Codes Nominal Size Nominal Size Maximum Flow Rate Minimum Flow Rate Litres/Pulse Options Weight
Cold (30 ° C) British Standard Pipe (BSP) mm m3/h m3/h WMP models only kg
WMPF50-K=10 2” 50 40 0.5 100, 1k 12
WMPF65-K=10 21½” 65 78.7 0.787 100, 1k 13
WMPF80-K=10 3” 80 78.7 0.787 100, 1k 16
WMPF100-K=10 4” 100 125 1.25 100, 1k 18


Other sizes are available on request. For smaller diameter connections see our screwed connection pulse water meters.


  • Suitable for installations applying for BREEAM Wat 02 & Wat 03 credits
  • Ideal for monitoring water usage and BMS applications
  • Only one moving part for minimum wear and maximum reliability – even in hard water areas
  • Visual indicator sensitive to the smallest flow – ideal for leak detection
  • Optional electrical ‘pulse’ output usually 1 pulse per 100 litres for flanged meters
  • Sealed display capsule – guaranteed against condensation

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