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TDV-100 Timed Discharge Valve

Timed Discharge Valve TDV-100

The TDV-100 Timed Discharge Valve – opens a solenoid valve at fixed intervals to dose a preset volume of water. Developed in collaboration with public health engineers, the TDV-100 helps minimise stagnation of water and the associated public health risks due to Legionella.

As well as protection against Legionella, other applications include refreshing deadlegs in unoccupied parts of buildings and to replenish seals in traps, gullies and drains compensating for loss of water due to evaporation etc.

The TDV-100 control is supplied ready wired and is simple to install and setup with clearly marked controls to set the necessary parameters.

If you have a specific requirement for the prevention of Legionella, we are able to provide solutions such as timed flushing of pipework or dumping of tank water stored above critical temperatures using our LP-10 Legionella Protect control. Please contact our technical department on 01603 720999 who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Specification for TDV-100 Timed Discharge Valve

Dosing Volume / Interval: as both the ON (valve opening time) and the OFF (interval) is user adjustable from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours, it follows that almost any requirement can easily be fulfilled.

Solenoid valve: Brass Normally Closed (fail safe), 1/2″ BSP female threads, 13.5mm orifice, pressure range 0.35 – 10 Bar, WRAS approved.
Please contact sales for alternative valve sizes.

Timing options: the default sequence is: ON OFF ON OFF ON. By breaking or removing the internal Yellow wire link, the sequence can be changed to: OFF ON OFF ON OFF.

Power supply: The TDV-100 can be operated from 12 – 240VAC/DC (50/60HZ). Please note that the solenoid valve coil MUST match the supply voltage and vice versa.

Cables: Power and valve cables are supplied to a nominal 2m length. Core size is o.75mm²

Enclosure: Size 148 x 88 x 41mm (excluding cable glands) in white PVC.

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