About Us

Founded in 1985 Watersavers specialises in the design and manufacture of flow rate and pressure monitoring water leak detection systems, valves & PIR controls, legionella prevention solutions and urinal controls.

Designers of the first, award winning, water-saving infrared urinal flushing control, we continue to develop products that reduce water consumption and unnecessary leaks.

Being part of Daro Group, we benefit from decades of long-established British design and engineering capability, and wider support of the Group’s central resources such as strategic planning, sales & marketing, financial management and continuous investment.

Having control over our design and manufacture in the UK means we’re able to specify the best components and manage a short local supply chain to provide you with quality products and service. Many of our products are WRAS approved and are used to obtain BREEAM credits.

Embracing continuous improvement, we pride ourselves on being agile and responsive and are trusted by the range of customers we serve. This includes design-stage consultants, main contractors, M&E contractors, distributors and wholesalers, plumbing & heating engineers and hygiene and facilities management companies.

Our concern for conservation goes beyond water, therefore our products are renowned for their lasting qualities. We also advocate ‘repair rather than replace’ to conserve raw materials and energy. However, when any product does reach its end of life, we ask that it is returned to us for safe recycling.

Manufacturing and stocks of products are maintained at our head office in Suffolk with standard products generally available for next day delivery.

Watersavers, Our Vision - Water Leak Detection Systems

Building on many decades of experience, our vision is to be recognised as the most agile and responsive British designer and manufacturer delivering high-quality accurate and trusted, water
& resource-saving products from specification, production to swift delivery.

Daro Watersavers, Our Mission

Investing in our valued resources our mission is to provide expertise to deliver smart and intelligent water-saving solutions to service providers and organisations that want to reduce water consumption or leaks.

Water Leak Detection Systems - Watersavers, Our Strategy

By integrating our combined skill, expertise, resources and technology, increasing numbers of organisations will enjoy the benefits of conserving water whilst contributing to health and environmental sustainability.

Daro Watersavers, Our Values

Our core value is simple. Our thinking and decisions are guided by the philosophy, you win, we win. To discuss your project just get in touch, we’d love to see how we can help.

Meet The Team

Mervyn Douglas - Daro UV Systems

Mervyn Douglas

Managing Director

Mervyn joined Daro in 2016 bringing 20 years’ experience in business and finance. His role is to lead the strategic direction of Daro, managing continuous investment in resources to enable people, businesses and the group to achieve their long-term objectives.

Kevin Thomson

Kevin Thomson

Commercial Director

Kevin joined the group in 2022 to strategically lead Daro UV Systems and Watersavers. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from over 30 years in the water treatment and water hygiene industry – with particular expertise in Legionella control.

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Account Manager

Michael joined Daro in 2021 with over 10 years’ experience in sales and account management across a number of sectors. He is responsible for looking after our current customers as well as developing new business.

Richard Hardacre

Richard Hardacre


Richard joined the group in 2022 and has over a decade of customer support and sales experience, as well as individual account management. He is adept at building supply chain relationships in both directions.

Dave Cheale

Dave Cheale

Head of Compliance
and Quality Assurance

Dave Joined Daro in 2017 as operations manager in Daro Connectivity. Prior to that he worked in a number of telecom related companies for 35 years. He brings highly valuable experience in design & production engineering and leads compliance and quality assurance practices for the group.

Sarah Pennock

Sarah Pennock

Group Head of Finance and
Human Resources

Sarah is Group head of finance and human resources, overseeing the accounts and a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA). Since joining Daro in 2004 Sarah’s role has continuously developed to now encompass overseeing group IT, health & safety and property services as well as finance and human resources.

Karen Winter - Daro UV Systems

Karen Winter

Head of Marketing

Karen joined the group in 2019 bringing over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Her role is to develop marketing strategies across the group, lead the branding to create consistency whilst maintaining individuality.

Luke Bowman

Luke Bowman

Marketing Executive

Luke joined Daro in 2022 having worked in marketing and design for 12 years. He brings a wealth of industry experience from various sectors including branding, campaign and event planning. His responsibility is to progress the marketing strategy and maintain branding group-wide.

For more information please contact sales@watersavers.co.uk
or call 01603 720999