Urinal Controls

Autosave Urinal Controls Save up to 80% on Metered Water Costs

Depending on how old they are or when they were installed most urinals use between 3.7 to 11.3 litres water for each flush. The 1999 Water Regulations stipulate that there should be a maximum water usage of 7.5 litres per urinal bowl per hour and that a device should be fitted to prevent urinals from flushing when the facility is unoccupied.

Watersavers was the first company to develop the award winning, WRAS approved infrared flush control system in 1985. We are experts in integral and remote PIR sensors and remote solenoid valve solutions which are particularly useful for concealed cisterns or where the cistern is installed away from the urinal. The Autosave product range all have a simple one button setup procedure and save water by flushing urinals only after use, keeping the urinal clean, hygienic and help to remove odours.

They also have a programmable 12 or 24 hour hygiene flush which is initiated if the facility is unused, for example, during the night or at weekends.

Our product range includes Autosave B01 6v DC Urinal Flushing Control, Autosave B02 6v DC Urinal Flushing Control, Autosave M01 230v AC Urinal Flushing Control and Autosave M02 230v AC Urinal Flushing Control with Remote PIR.

The Watersavers easy install urinal flushing control units are powered either by a 6v DC battery where mains power is not available or with 230v AC mains powered.

For peace of mind the Magi-test device provides an instant full functional test including valve, infrared PIR sensor operation, battery status (for battery operated products), water supply and cistern fill time.

Due to their simple installation, they are a preferred by many contractors and according to our customers they are “easy to install and commission, with long service life, these controls are some of the best and most reliable water saving devices on the market.”


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