Water Leak Detection Solutions

Water Leak Detection Solutions

According to Professor Vanessa Speight at the University of Sheffield water scarcity is a growing issue in the UK. Across England and Wales, just under 3 billion litres (660 million gallons) of water is lost to leaks every day – that is equivalent to 1,180 Olympic swimming pools at an alarming rate of 450,000 gallons per minute.

As water becomes more costly and precious, more and more companies are investing in leak detection to reduce unnecessary water wastage.

Being alerted to a water leak anywhere in your building or between the site boundary and main intake point, in real time, not only minimises water loss it also helps to reduce the costs and time associated with leaks which include:

  • Repair of damage to property
  • Cost of deployment of disaster recovery plans
  • Loss of data
  • Replacement of contents
  • Loss of revenue when business is interrupted
  • Increase in insurance premiums

Making non-invasive flow meter technology water leak detection a part of your disaster risk management prevention strategy pays dividends in the event of a water leak. Watersavers’ water leak detection solutions are designed to detect major water leaks and help to prevent flood damage caused by leaking pipes and fittings or by vandalism.

British designed and manufactured at our plant in Suffolk, Watersavers’ WLDS-10 mk3 and WLDS20 mk3 BREEAM WAT03 leak detection systems monitor the flow of water into a building.

WLDS water leak detection systems activate when the flow of water exceeds preset parameters resulting in an alarm or switching off the water to prevent an undetected and costly loss of water. They can identify different flows and therefore leakage rates, in accordance with BREEAM WAT03. This gives you flexibility to adjust the parameters to suit your specific conditions.

The WLDS-10 mk3 water leak detector panel is connected to a pulse water meter installed at the site boundary or main water intake point of the building to monitor the consumption of water. An audible/visual alarm output is activated when a continuous flow of water passes through the water meter at a flow rate above a preset maximum for a preset period.

A Normally Open free contact is provided for connection to a BMS (Building Management System) or to activate a local sounder/beacon type alarm – please see accessories.

A free contact is also provided to shut off the water supply via a solenoid shut off valve if required. This contact may be programmed to suit a Normally Closed or a Normally Open solenoid valve as required.

The WLDS-20 mk3 is for installations where a pulse water meter is installed at the site boundary and at the main intake point of the building and in addition can detect a loss of water between the site boundary and the main intake point.

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