MEP Contractors

MEP Contractors

As an MEP contractor you may be providing design, installation, commissioning and maintenance solutions for new building developments, restorations, refurbishments or extensions to the main contractor and clients.

Given the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) technical fields are the key elements that make a building habitable we understand that sourcing the best products to complete the job within the time frame and budget can be a more than a bit of a challenge.

If the MEP installations are designed together the chances of equipment location conflicts are minimised, but if, for any reason you are designing a service in isolation you’ll be dealing with unavoidable on-site clashes too.

We understand that materials ‘requestions’ and delivery time scales can fluctuate during the build phase. That’s why working with a specialist supplier with decades of experience who understands the need for agility, and is forward thinking about your project needs, is essential – and that’s where Watersavers comes in. So, when you get a shout across the office “I’ve just had a call from the site – they need extra solenoid valves … latest tomorrow” or you get a WhatsApp of a photo’ with a list that has been written on the plaster board, working with someone who has your back that you can trust will give you peace of mind.

As you’ll be optimising material requirements to keep on top of installation costs and, at the same time, achieving high performance and meeting building standards and regulatory codes, such as BREEAM, having access to experts and quality products with a reputation for high performance and for being long lasting will be an important consideration for you too.

We make working with us easy.

  • Our technical information is accurate so you know that you can rely on it
  • If you’re facing a problem, we’ll face it with you and come up with solutions
  • Our lead times and prices are accurate
  • We meet delivery deadlines
  • We’re consultative and share our experience to help you to find the better, faster or best value option

Watersavers was founded in 1985 and specialises in the design and manufacture of flow rate and pressure monitoring water leak detection solutions, valves & PIR controls, legionella prevention solutions and urinal controls. We designed and manufactured the first, award winning, water-saving infrared urinal flushing control, and we continue to develop products that reduce water consumption and unnecessary leaks.

Being part of Daro Group, we benefit from decades of long-established British design and engineering capability, and wider support of the Group’s central resources such as strategic planning, sales & marketing, financial management and continuous investment.

We have complete control over our design and manufacture in the UK which means we’re able to specify the best components and manage a short local supply chain to provide you with quality products and service. Most of our suppliers have worked with us for decades – giving you greater stability in your supply chain.  Additionally, many of our products are WRAS approved and are used to obtain BREEAM credits.

Our concern for conservation goes beyond water, therefore our products are renowned for their lasting qualities. We also advocate ‘repair rather than replace’ to conserve raw materials and energy. However, when any product does reach its end of life, we ask that it is returned to us for safe recycling.

Embracing continuous improvement, we pride ourselves on being agile and responsive and are trusted by the range of customers we serve.

Manufacturing and stocks of products are maintained at our head office in Suffolk, close to the M11 with excellent transport links, standard products are generally available for next day delivery. We have a reputation for going the extra mile and align our manufacturing to meet your project’s needs.

Please contact us either by calling 01603 720999, or email we’d be delighted to hear from you.