Valves and PIR Controls

PIR occupancy switches help to save up to 75% on water and energy costs

Watersavers supplies a range of PIR occupancy switches that switch on water, lighting, heating, ventilation or air-conditioning loads when the PIR sensor detects a person or people in an area and switches off these supplies when the area is vacated or unoccupied. The range includes recessed ceiling PIR switch PIR-PR, ceiling mounted PIR switch PIR-CM and wall mounted PIR switch PIR-WM.

Saving Water

By fitting the simple to connect PIR switch to control single or multiple solenoid shut off valves you can prevent potential loss of water due to leaking taps and pipes, burst fittings or vandalism, and save money. PIR switches are ideal for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, commercial buildings, manufacturing sites, hospitality & leisure where large amounts of water may otherwise be lost.

PIR switches can be used for controlling water shut off valves for BREEAM credits. These PIR switches can control multiple solenoid shut off valves. Several PIR switches may be wired in parallel to cover larger areas where needed.

Saving Energy Costs

Substantial savings may also be achieved when controls are fitting to manage lighting, heating and cooling and fans by fitting our proximity sensors.

For lighting management, the sensors have adjustable LUX level that will deactivate light switches when there is sufficient daylight.

For heating and cooling the passive infrared detector detects movement and will control the on and off switching of these systems accordingly. When no one is present the room temperature is allowed to reach a base level which can be set and adjusted to suit the environment.

Solenoid Water Shut Off Valves

The WRAS approved Smart Valve Monitor (SVM) range of WRAS approved, Normally Closed (power to open), pilot operated, brass solenoid shut off valves can be controlled by an on/off switch, a time switch or by a PIR sensor switch for BREEAM credits.

These 230/240v AC solenoid shut off valves enable a water supply to be turned on or off in response to an electrical signal. Our standard valves are Normally Closed – which means that they are closed when de-energised (fail safe) and open when energised. They are available in sizes from ½” to 2″ BSP.


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