AutoLitre Digital Dosing Control

AutoLitre Digital Dosing Control

AutoLitre Digital Dosing Control

Watersavers’ AutoLitre automatic digital water dosing control delivers or doses an exact volume of water at the touch of a button. The volume can easily be preset from just 1 litre to 100’s of cubic metres. Applications include tank filling or for dispensing a measured volume of water (oils or other liquids) in manufacturing across pharmaceutical, food, drinks, brewing, agriculture, engineering and other sectors.

The AutoLitre has a start button which opens a valve to deliver the exact volume of water or liquid before shutting off the supply. The volume is measured using a pulse meter, and a system can be built around any pipe size. Therefore, by choosing the appropriate valve and pulse water meter the preset volume can range from just one litre to hundreds of cubic meters of water or liquid.

The AutoLitre has many advanced features including external inputs/outputs for remote start and stop, delayed fill, autostart, number of completed cycles (batch) counter, total throughput of litres passed, and watchdog alarm output.

The control is housed in a tough IP65 wall mounting enclosure and is supplied with power and valve cables.


  • 5 digit preset and current displays 1-32,767 litres
  • Backlit LCD display with keypad
  • Suits pulsemeter K factors 1 to 1000 litres per pulse
  • Maximum count rate 100 pulses per second
  • 24v output for Normally Closed solenoid valve
  • Functions include manual start, delayed start, autostart
  • External start and stop, pause inputs 24v DC
  • Power supply 100 – 240v AC worldwide or 24v DC versions
  • Wall mounting enclosure size 240 x 191 x 107mm (excluding glands) to IP65 in grey ABS
  • Power and valve cable lengths nominal 2m

Product Code: AutoLitre-LC


  • Preset from 1 litre to cubic metres
  • Keypad (local) or remote start
  • Batch and total throughput readings
  • Manual start, delayed start and autostart functions
  • 100 – 240v AC worldwide or 24v DC models
  • IP65 wall mounting enclosure
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
Price from £577.00 + VAT