Time Discharge Valve – Battery Powered (TDV-B)

Time Discharge Valve – Battery Powered (TDV-B)

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The TDV-B battery powered timed discharge valve is ideal for regular periodic flushing of pipework to reduce stagnation. Developed in collaboration with public health engineers, the TDV-B water valve helps minimise stagnation of water and remoistens seals and gullies.

Product Specifications

SKU: TDV-B-1/2″

TDV-B Timed Discharge Valve (Battery Powered) – Water Supply in Regular Intervals

The unit is battery powered making it ideal for remote sites where mains electricity is unavailable. The control is also suitable for replenishing trap seals due to evaporation.

The TDV-B uses quartz crystal-controlled timekeeping and low power technology supporting an average battery life of up to four years. The control is easy to set up with a wide range of user selectable time intervals including hourly, four times daily, twice daily, daily, every two days and twice weekly.

The volume of water which is discharged is determined by the valve opening time. This can simply be set using the internal pushbutton or (without removing the front cover) using the Magi-Test wand. The control can be configured to discharge any volume, from a fraction of a litre per week to multiple litres per hour covering most applications.

A low battery status warning is provided by the LED which blinks every two seconds.

We recommend a procedure is put in place to change the batteries at least every two to three years.


lnterval: User set one or six hours to 90 hours in six hour increments
Discharge (valve opening) time: 1 second to 240 minutes – set by Magi-Test wand or internal push button
Solenoid valve: 1/2″ British Standard Pipe (BSP) male threads nylon latching, 0.2 – 10 BAR pressure range, 11mm orifice, Kv (flow) 28.3 litres/min, WRAS approved, supplied with 2m length cable, can be shortened or extended as required
Batteries: 4x alkaline AA cells (supplied) – average life up to four years, no need to reset when changing
Low Battery Warning: Led blinks every two seconds to indicate low battery status
Magi-Test wand function: enables setting of flushing time plus full functional test including valve, batteries, water supply, flushing time
Enclosure: size 126 x 96 x 41 mm, in white RAL 9010

Product Code: TDV-B-1/2″


  • Interval from hourly to twice weekly
  • Flushing time from 1 second to 240 minutes
  • Magi-Test wand or push button operation
  • Ready wired 1/2″ WRAS nylon valve
  • Up to four years battery life
  • LED low battery status warning
  • Complete with batteries and fitting kit
  • Manufactured in the UK

This product will typically be dispatched within 2-3 working days.

If you are looking for any of the following models-

  • Watersavers TDV-100
  • Watersavers TDV-6

These legacy products are now all obsolete, however we do still hold some limited spares for older generation timed discharge valves. If you have one that is in need of repair please contact info@watersavers.co.uk to see if we can help.

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