Water Leak Detection – WLDS-10 mk3

Water Leak Detection – WLDS-10 mk3

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British designed and manufactured at our plant in Suffolk the WLDS-10 mk3 BREEAM WAT03 water leak detection systems monitor the flow of water into a building. If the flow rate exceeds preset parameters an alarm sounds and optionally the water supply can be shut off.

WLDS water leak detection systems activate when the flow of water exceeds the preset maximum for the preset period. It identifies different flows and therefore leakage rates, in accordance with BREEAM WAT03. This gives you flexibility to adjust the parameters to suit your specific conditions.

Product Specifications

SKU: WLDS-10 mk3.


  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Accepts inputs from 1, 5, 10 or 100 LPP reed switch type pulse meters
  • Main (M1) pulse meter can have different K factors (number of pulses produced per gallon of water)
  • Seven-day clock enables different periods of high flow (HF) to be programmed
  • Peak flow capture enables easy setting of accurate parameters
  • Displays total throughput in litres – useful for parameter setting and water audits
  • Output contact for BMS or optional SB-100 sounder/beacon alarm
  • Output for 24v DC Normally Closed or Normally Open solenoid valve with timed service function
  • Solenoid valve set up enables a Normally Closed or a Normally Open solenoid valve to be selected in software
  • Timed valve service function can be set to reduce the likelihood of valve sticking due to calcification etc.
  • Manual override (protection off) function with adjustable timeout period
  • External alarm input for the connection of ancillary equipment such as tape leak sensing to be interfaced to the water leak detection system
  • Enclosure 300 x 300 x 150mm with a RH hinged door. Facilitates easier wall mounting and access to the internal terminals
  • Alarm test function
  • Tough steel wall mounting enclosure to IP65 protection, optional wall mounting brackets WMB-100
  • Universal 100-240v 50/60Hz input for worldwide use
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Optional Extras


24v DC sounder beacon.


Steel wall mounting bracket kit for WLDS leak detection panels.

Leak Alarm System Specifications


Power requirements Universal input 100-260v AC 50/60Hz 1.5A max
Pulse meter input 24v DC 5mA maximum for reed switch type pulse meter, programmable for 1, 5, 10 or 100 litres per pulse
PSU output 24v DC @ 1.1A for powering alarm or solenoid valves
Alarm output Normally open free relay contact rated at 5A resistive load 250v AC / 30v DC
Valve output Free relay contact rated at 5A resistive load 250v AC / 30v DC, programmable as Normally Open or Normally Closed with timed service function
Additional outputs Two alarm contacts are available
External HF/LF input Overrides internal clock
External alarm input Enable ancillary equipment such as tape sensing to be interfaced to the WLDS-10 mk3 panel
LCD display 2x 16 ASCII character with LED backlight
Keypad With tactile feedback 0-9 numeric keys plus navigation keys for parameter setting and monitoring
Parameters Litres input range 1-32,767, time input range 1 minute – 45 hours, number of High Alerts to alarm: 1-99
Real-time clock Displaying day and time (24hr format) with automatic GMT/BST changeover. Incudes battery.
Connections DIN rail terminals, maximum conductor size 4mm², cable entry via IP65 cable gland in gland plate
Enclosure IP65, steel wall mounting overall dimensions 300x300x150mm (WxHxD) RAL7035 powder coated
Weight Approximately 6kg


To get in touch please call 01603 720999 or email sales@watersavers.co.uk

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